Katia Walton

Design that is You

Let’s create a logo, website, and other visual assets that reflect your real vision, values, and essence?

Design is supposed to help you stand out. So why do most brands blend in?

Because of fear. The fear of not being able to sell. The fear of our audience disapproving of our deepest values and our most honest vision for the world.

So most of us retreat to the safety of conversion rate optimization tactics, where client relationships are measured by buttons clicked and pages scrolled… without any regard for whether those clicks and scroll translate into the genuine, deeply-felt connections that spark loyalty, trust… even devotion.

It’s little wonder why most businesses look generic and don’t stand the test of time…

But you are unique.

And that’s something worth sharing.

After all, the most successful brands in history formed their identities around their values and deep why.
Whether it was Apple inspiring a generation to “think different” or Disney rekindling the magic of childhood, these companies use design – not to beat audiences into submission with incessant cris of “look at me” and “buy from me” – but to create a  feeling   that you  experience  in every interaction.

Design should create meaningful experiences, not sell commodities.

I’m Katia Walton.

When you discover things that are really important to you – that’s when you get design that touches you, that you believe in, that you fall in love with.

I often wonder… What if your visual image was an identical continuation of who you are and what your business is?

… What if there’s a way to communicate with the world, without betraying yourself, without distortions?

… What kind of world could we live in if no one has to aggressively persuade.

When you discover things that are really important to you – that’s when you get the best design. Design that touches you, that you believe in, that you fall in love with. Design with deep – not superficial – meaning.

You have the ability and opportunity to  enrich lives  with the work you believe in. Let’s get it out there?

Where are you at?

Inspiring Start

Want to develop an online presence that’s authentically you, captures attention, and inspires action?

Building a Website

Launching a new project and want to position yourself as an authority from day 1?

Graphic Design

Need an e-book? Slides? Workbook? Custom social media graphics? I’ve got you covered.

Want help translating your vision into something visual?

They Said

Katia’s eye for design has really made my brand stand out. She has a unique and creative design style. I love the look of my graphics they are in line with my brand and she did it perfect first time so it was really easy with no back and forth emails.”
Stephanie Jane
Mindset Coach for Online Entrepreneurs
“She made me feel comfortable that I am in good hands. She knows what she is doing and my logo turned out great! She was very easy to work with, always available to answer my questions despite the time difference. I have since had a number of positive reviews on how professional I look with a logo for all flyers, websites and products. I am more confident in my online presence and am ready to move onto the next part of business development. Katia was quick, helpful, available, and talented at her job.”
Sineah McGready​
Workshop Business Owner​
“Katia tackled every project I sent her way with enthusiasm and professionalism. I saw her shine whether figuring out how to tackle tasks that were new to her or taking the lead in a brand discovery process. She knows how to dive deep and is diligent in asking questions to be sure her design is intentional, and she has an eye for detail that is helpful for keeping branding consistent.”
Kathryn Binkley​
Business Strategist & Coach​