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10. Personal Branding – Simpler Than It Looks Like

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Personal branding is really not more difficult than a projection of you to a work part of your life. Just like that: You + Your work = Your Brand.

The reason for branding happened as a discipline is that it’s so freaking hard for people to express what they are in business because there are so many fears: “I won’t sell”, “I won’t be noticed”, “I’m not good enough if I show the world what I really am”…

Different crises, like this Corona one, are just increasing the anxiety to show up as someone who you are not. But there are plenty of other crises in your personal life that led to the idea that you have to be Someone. A shiny golden Someone. For other people to want what you have.

And you can even keep up to that Someone… At the price of you… But then your life is starting to fall apart, piece after piece. Is that the life you were seeking for? Does it pay off?

And then you become wondering if it’s really you in your business…

If you found yourself there, I want to encourage you – it’s very possible to rebuild yourself and your business. The keyword here is You. Finding yourself in your life is what brings you the business and the life of your dreams.

To start… Open a plain sheet and write an answers: “Who Am I?”


Hi There,

I’m Katia Walton.

I’ve started this blog to help you figure out your visual brand in a healthy and authentic way. I hope it helps :)

You can learn more about how I help female entrepreneurs create visual brands that’s authentically them here.

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