Katia Walton

1-on-1 in-person connections moved online | Blitzr

Web design

About the client

Blitzr provides a virtual events platform plus tools & services to make sure that event organizers get maximum value out of the platform.

Project objectives

By the time we started working together Blitzr was in that stage of testing where the features were not finalized yet, but it was already getting enough user traction, so it had to look reputable. The goal was to create mockups for the 3 most important pages of the site (Event, Listings, and Home) and the UI kit to maintain the style inside the platform.

Visual style concept

– Computer screen texture of images shows the idea that Blitzr takes something from real life and makes it virtual.

– Focus on the product and content: single accent color and single font.

Event Page

As Blitzr helps connect event hosts and attendees, the Event Page is the most important. It acts as a landing page of an event to attract attendees. 

Listings Page

The listings page shows all the events currently running on Blitzr. It gives users the option to filter and choose events by location, topic, host, or group.

Home Page

As Blitzr helps connecting event hosts and attendees, Event Page is the most important. It acts a a landing page of an event host to attract attendees. 

The client got a detailed explanation of how all the design elements inside the platform should look. So the users get the same visual experience with Blitzr.


Home page image style

UI elements that help users find events for their interests and needs.

UI elements that show users other users and events.


Here’s what Blitzr co-founder Jeff Durso had to say about their new look:

She got to the essence of what Blitzr is. And when she came back with the design, we were all completely blown away with what she came up with. It far exceeded any expectations we could have possibly had. The design that she did gives us the ability to go from Beta and get ready for this next stage. If your goal is to have a design that’s an extension of the character – I would definitely recommend engaging her in the process.”

Jeff Durso
Inc 500 Serial Entrepreneur / Blitzr Co-Founder

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