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Hairhouse Warehouse was founded in 1992 and now has more than 130 salons across Australia. It offers salon, piercing and beauty services all under the one roof.

DARE provides fast, funky, and semi-permanent colour for the young at heart.

Project objectives

The old website was difficult to navigate and didn’t give customers a strong reason to care about the products. The goal of the redesign was, first, to make it really easy for people to buy, and, second, to immediately create the impression for new visitors that DARE is the solution for their desire to look creative.


Target audience

Young australian girls, teenagers, who love to look creative and express themselves through colour.

Client journey


Two concepts were created for the project: on the left is the one the client chose, on the right is the alternative one.

Home page #1

Home Page #2

Catalog #1

Catalog #2

The other pages were created to match design concept #1, chosen by the client.

Product page

I was looking for a way to show a result of using a hair colour. It might get really different – depending on the initial colour, current hair state, application time and others. The company didn’t want to post any images. So I came up with this colour scale that gives you an idea what the resulting colour might look like.

Many girls using DARE colours want to have more variety and mix colours, so we gave them a some suggestions for interesting colour combinations for each product.

How To Use slides were turned into a full page with FAQ about the product.

How To Use Page

The site is responsive.

I used colour gradient combining the major colours in DARE’s hair colour palette.

“I highly recommend Katia for any design work. She helped us with design work on a large client in Australia and did an incredible job. She is able to meet deadlines, provide creative design ideas and complete the scope of work according to requirements without any problems.”

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