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You can take on the world: straight, curly, or volumed up | Halo

Concept rethinking and web design

About the client

Halo is a line of professional hair styling products sold by Hairhouse Warehouse. HHWH was founded in 1992 and now has more than 130 salons across Australia. It offers salon, piercing and beauty services all under the one roof.

Project objectives

Short-term: Changing the website, so it would educate clients about the product and direct them to the mother site to purchase.

Long-term: Turn the site into full e-commerce store.



I designed the site focused on the results clients will get. The objective of the new site is to have visitor self-select into one of three categories of the desirable look: curly, straight or volume. People come to the site, choose a hairstyle, watch a video on how to make it at home, and after that are led to buying a product.

The company also has a great backstage video. I edited it and used it on the home page.

Client journey




Buying Marilyn

1. Client is sent to the site from the Instagram account.

2. She chooses from the 3 different hair styles offered. She gets to one of the hair style pages (Curls, Straight, or Volume).

3. She watches a video on how to make a hair style and reads about the product.

*4. She might visit other hair style pages to explore other hair styles.

5. She clicks on the “But now” button and proceeds to the HairHouse WareHouse site to complete the purchase.


Video home page

Every product is associated with a color.




Home page

Product page

Contact page

The website is adapted for different devices.

“I highly recommend Katia for any design work. She helped us with design work on a large client in Australia and did an incredible job. She is able to meet deadlines, provide creative design ideas and complete the scope of work according to requirements without any problems.”

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