Katia Walton

Business and kindness | Madloba agency

Logo design

About the client

Madloba Agency connects commercial businesses who want to promote themselves with good deeds and organisations that need help with their social initiatives. Madloba means thank you in Georgian.

“Great inspiration, really great inspiration working with Katia! She created the logo for MADLOBA agency and the result was amazing! We worked together as a team and she asked the right questions, so it helped me develop ideas and find out what I really want. It was challenging, as always, you know. But she could find the brushes for the painting I would say! She is an artist, intelligent artist to put strong philosophy in one symbol. She is capable, believe me. I really recommend her if you care about your visuals.”

Maria Shirshova
Madloba Agency founder

Photos by Elena Heatherwick

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