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Postcrossing to everyone | Murrpost.ru

E-commerce site design

A store selling postcrossing products: postcards, stamps and accessories. Murrpost.ru targets a specific audience: Postcrossing community members. Before this site my client was selling directly through vk.com.

Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Project objective

Create an e-commerce store to:
– automate order proceeding.
– make a convenient online catalog to categorise and filter items.
– track sales.
– keep growing the business without relying exclusively on social networks.

is a project that allows you to send paper postcards and receive postcards back from random people around the world.

Backstage research


None of the competitors’ sites have convenient systems for estimating delivery time. For a country as large as Russia the delivery time might be from 1 to 14+ days. Most of the competitors just give this wide range of dates. Another one put a table of major cities, where you could manually check the delivery time. All this isn’t very convenient.


#1 Solution

It would have been ideal to create a form that connects to Russian post server to track their order. Unfortunately it is impossible due to unstable work of the postal system. This form would actually work fewer times than not work and would have been reconnected to the server too often.

Instead I have created a form allowing people to estimate the exact delivery time based on their postal code. It connects to the database on the site itself.

#2 Solution

Displaying postal fees helps people understand what the whole experience of sending cards will cost them and potentially reduce buying friction.

The store’s clients regularly send cards to people they don’t really know, so they often struggle with what to write on them. I’ve included quotes that they could include on their postcards.


I found that some competitors don’t pay enough attention to the convenience of shopping. Some have too many root categories, increasing the amount of clicks needed to buy. Others lack filters, forcing people scroll excessively. 


#3 Solution

I’ve added categories and filters to improve user experience and streamline the buying process.

UI: links, buttons and forms

New layout

Home page

Catalog page

Product page

Contact page

Deals page

Payment/Delivery page


“Thank you for the wonderful design for our store. It was a pleasure to work with Katia. We felt her enthusiasm and interest in the project. That’s why the result was everything we dreamed of. Your interesting suggestions and advice helped us not only create a store as we conceived it, but also to see the business through our buyers’ eyes and to find out about what they would like and be attracted to. Thanks to Katia’s work we will succeed!”

Anna Fedorova
Murrpost co-founder


Photos by Dan Gold, Elena Ferrer, Jerrit Peinelt, Samuel Zeller, Daria Nepriakhina from Unsplash and Jaymantri, John-Mark Smith from Pexels.
Icons made by Gregor Cresnar and Freepik from Flaticon.

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