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Words as art | Elena Polyakova

Sales page design

Skaziteli (from Russian, “tellers“) is a program for people who want to work on their speech as if it is an art form. It includes two parts: the outer work (the science of speech) and the inner work (what to say). It launched in January 2020 and now takes place in two countries and online.

Elena Polyakova researches the power of words. She is a TEDx speaker coach and a speech trainer.

Project objectives

We created a sales page so people who have heard about the program in the media and on social networks can learn more details about it and sign up for an interview.

# Touches

We used this typography, colors, textures, and styled images:



Elena has a web page that became a stylistic foundation for the future sites and pages.

“A good designer is not everything. The most important thing about working with Katia is her full involvement. I would say that Katia is not an ordinary freelancer who just does what they asked for, but a team player. She is clearly interested in the success of the entire project. Hence her attention to detail, flexibility, patience and the willingness to brainstorm, advise and research. This is a rarity.

So, I found the correct wording – Katia works with the whole person, because personal branding and design do not exist in a vacuum, they need to fit the bigger picture.”

Elena Polyakova
Creator of Skaziteli and Маяк, TEDx speaker coach

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