Katia Walton

Supporting women through generations

Logo design

About the client

Tres Lunas, a support center by Ekaterina Mariposa, empowers and supports women and their health. It runs trainings, courses, and individual consultations.

Project objectives

The goal was to create the logo that would communicate two ideas: supporting women
– in all the stages of their lives,
– and through a few generations of her family.


Ekaterina Mariposa already had an idea of what logo she wanted. Here are the images that inspired her: 


The logo includes images of three women, symbolising a woman in three stages of her life (youth, adolescence, and maturity) from one hand, and the connection between generations of women in a family, from another.

I came up with attributes that would express and help recognize each age:

– Flower in a young woman’s hair shows her mental and physical formation, and also reminds of the beginning of menstruation.

– Circular medallion on the neck of the middle age woman symbolically represents a round belly – her fertility and readiness to form a new life.

– Crown on the head of the aged women shows the status and wisdom she gained with het life experience. Her physical body changed too.


Different moon phases represents the biological rhythm of a woman’s life.

Color Palette

We wanted colors to express calm and nature inspired feminine energy.

Tres Lunas Logo


Ekaterina was able to open her new center with a brand new look.

“Even though I had a clear understanding of what I wanted to see in my logo, Katia’s work exceeded my expectations. I have discovered that there are so many nuances in graphic types, that it is far beyond the font and color that has to be carefully drawn and matched together.
Katia’s approach is super professional and gentle with the original idea. She is not taking an expert stance (although she is without doubt!), showing sincere curiosity and making suggestions, while leaving you the leading part in creating the logo that is truly about you.
Thank you for the amazing piece that you have created for me!”

Ekaterina Mariposa
Doula, Counsellor, and Childbirth Educator

I used photos by Hadis Safari, Janko Ferlič, Cristian Newman, Jordan Steranka, Josh Hild, Annie Spratt, Daniil Silantev, Nathan Anderson, Monika Grabkowska, and Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash.

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